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Enrich Lives...

Learn Without Assumptions. Give Without Conditions.

See the world as it is, not as we are...

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"When we enlarge our view of the world,

we deepen our understanding of our own lives."

- Yo Yo Ma

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It's about the journey,

the connection and relationship.


Panyia Vue

My name is Panyia Vue. I am currently attending Augsburg College and thinking about majoring in either psychology or biology. I am the fourth out of eleven children in…

  • 50% Funded
  • $1,001.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
All donations will go towards purchasing bikes for students in SIngha Village

Ride Share – Singha Village

During our 2013 service trip, our volunteers noticed that many students walk several miles to class on rocky dirt roads. Some student with bicycles often gave rides to…

  • 43% Funded
  • $213.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go

Rachana Sayme

Hello, my name is Rachana Sayme. I am Cambodian and grew up with a family that went through the Khmer Rouge. Growing up, I was constantly reminded how lucky I was to be in the United States.…

  • 82% Funded
  • $1,640.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go

New Home Project

Hello. My name is Janteet. I live with my mom, grandma, older sister,2 younger brothers and my baby sister. My father travels to Thailand borders to find construction work and send us money…

  • 37% Funded
  • $1,497.00 Funded
  • 4 Days to Go

Cheemoua Vang

My name is Cheemoua Vang. I am a first-year student studying psychology at Augsburg College. Being young and ambitious, I am always curious and seeking new ways to broaden my mind. Ever…

  • 88% Funded
  • $1,769.00 Funded
  • 4 Days to Go

Nazih Safi

Hello, my name is Nazih Safi. I am a sophomore at Augsburg College. I am studying Mathematical Economics and Mathematics. I plan to go to…

  • 29% Funded
  • $855.00 Funded
  • 4 Days to Go