We believe that the locals of Cambodia have the ability, creativity and resilience to build and sustain their community. Through relationship building, Global Connection Project (GCP) staff and volunteers collaborate with locals on various projects. GCP staff and volunteers engage in services with 3 underlining premise:

Learning without assumptions
Give without conditions
See the world as it is, not as we are.

New Home Project

After visiting many  our students’ homes, we learn about the need to rebuild and repair homes in Singha Village. Because of limited economic access to building material and the harsh rainy season, many homes are in need of repair.  A year later, GCP started the New Home Project help repair or build new homes for our student. Most repair (new roof or siding) cost roughly $300-500.

GCP is proud to partner with Global Village Housing  to provide homes for families.  The project aim to build a 10+ homes for families living the village over the next 5 years (2020). Each eco-home cost $2200. GVH home are locally sources, prefabricated in Cambodia, delivered to the construction site and assemble within 4 hours.  Each home is equipped with solar power lights, rain collections system, insulated and cultural relevant to meet the needs of Khmer families.

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Ride Share Project


The long walking commute to school adds challenges to the daily lives of our students. Many students were walking several miles on dusty, rough roads to attend class at our center as well as public school. The students that were fortunate enough to have bicycles often gave rides to other students. The 2012 volunteers bought bikes to used during their service but realize that by providing bikes for their students would greatly impact their lives. And so, our volunteers gave rides to many of their students and at end of their service trip, gave their bikes away.

This prompted an awareness of the impact of bikes as a primary means of transportation for local and our volunteers started the Ride Share program to raise funds to purchase bike for Singha Village’s students. For the lovely students of Singha Village and the future that may unfold before them, we are seeking your help to purchase 20-40 bicycles for the students of Singha Village and will be assembling and distributing them on our annual service trip. Each bike costs $50.

We are seeking a $2000 for the bikes… $50 can truly change lives, it can cut a students commute time to and from school by a few hours.  Thank you for your support.

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Clean Water Project

Access to clean water is an ongoing issue in Cambodia and is the leading cause of child mortality Waterborne diseases associated with unclean water are the leading cause of child mortality and poverty in Cambodia.

On January 2011, GCP service volunteers distributed ceramic water filters to families living in the Floating Village of Lake Tonle Sap and to New Life Center Organization. Water is essential to life. $25 provides clean drinking water for a family.

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