I find myself on this yellow dusty, rocky road again. Our tuk tuks weave around the potholes as we trek across the serene, mountainous country side. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but something feels different this year. Less students greet us as we pull into our center. As we’re unloading the bikes, I walk around the Khmer Heart Center taking pictures. It’s only been a year but I feel the changes, subtle but noticeable. The center has a personality of its own. It’s weathered, older seeming wiser as the cool breeze blows through the trees. I turn and see this little girl standing behind me smiling. She waves and says hello teacher. A smile brushes across my face and I reminded again to “travel with meaning”, to not seek but to let yourself arrive to it. Word spreads throughout the village that our group has arrived… And we are surrounded by students once again.IMG_20141227_233155~2


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