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January 19th: “As I unpacked all of my stuff and organized my room, my head started to spin… My bobbling mind started to drift to the thought of when we were still in Singha Village, sleeping in the hut…As I physically try to adjust back to my busy lifestyle at school, mentally I will be astray from here and instead be in Cambodia with my students talking, laughing, and eating fresh fruits…”


The weeks following our return in late January, my students called me about 2 times a week. With a lot to say but with little words to use, our conversations were limited and did not last long. Towards late February the calls stopped. The reality of school took me by a full swing and frequent thoughts of my students and adventures in Cambodia slowly started to fade. But never did I completely forget about my experience traveling in Cambodia.


At times, I felt subdued as I caught myself wasting water, food, electricity and clothes. I thought about my time in Cambodia and I was reminded of my privileges here in America. I learned a lot my first trip there, but without a doubt I’m sure that there is more to learn.
Even to this day, my mind is still wrapped around my adventures with Global Connections Project in Cambodia. I miss my students and my friends there and ever since the day we came back home I’ve felt a yearning to go back. With these thoughts circulating my head, I’ve officially decided to travel back to Cambodia with GCP. I’m anxious to embark on yet another journey to Cambodia and reunite with my students and friends. “Every year back to Cambodia is always unique,” as Penh says. I’m excited to be a part of this year’s trip and learn from the fellow GCP travelers of 2016-2017.

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