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Hi everyone. My name is Panyia Vue. I am currently attending Augsburg College as a first-year and planning to major in psychology. Last winter break (a couple of months ago!), I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a service trip with Global Connections Project. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life thus far to indulge myself into a culture that I was not familiar with and travel abroad for the very first time. To be frank, I did know what to expect from the service trip and had mixed feelings about going. However, I just had the gut feeling that I had to go. I was not disappointed with my experience last winter at all. Although our time there was limited and we were faced with some sudden changes along our journey, I gained much more than I expected – meaningful relationships, I have a better appreciation of the things that I have back here in the US, and am more aware of my priviliges. After coming back to the US, I couldn’t stop thinking about my students. Everything felt like a dream – I still can’t put my experience and gather my thoughts/feelings and put it all into concise words today. Whenever I look back at the pictures and videos that I took from the service trip last year, it brings back so many memories. I still remember how each of my students responded when I asked them in our class circle, “What’s your name?” … I wonder how my students are doing. I hope that they are healthy and are full of laughter. On our last day at the farm, I spent all of my time with my students. I still vividly remember how sorrowful it was when we were parting ways. I tried hard not to let my teardrops fall down on my cheeks. I was very surprised when I saw my students cry uncontrollably… I did not know how to react. And so I just cried with them and gave them hugs. We couldn’t understand each other verbally, but our face expressions, tone of voice, and body language said it all. No words were needed… our intention was all that mattered. I want to go to Cambodia once again to see my students and the locals in Singha Village. This service trip has been one of the most life-changing experiences that I have ever experienced. Time stops when I am over there and I would love to go back once again with GCP. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Shout out to my past and current supporters, I cannot ever thank you enough for your kindness and support (whether if it’s financial or verbal support), for none of this would have been possible! Again, thank you everyone and I am definitely looking forward to going back to Cambodia this Winter break!

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