It was a frustrating day of miscommunication and cultural mis-interpretation. I asked Rachana to accompany me to drop off these 5 girls. Every night, after class, they cling to me and we ride about ½ mile along the main road where they stop and tell me “to turn around because their homes are far, far”.

Today, we had lots of time. Our ride to their homes took just several miles up a mountain side, surrounded by fields of fruit plantation. It was long, tiring journey. When we arrived at their homes, we meet their extend families working in the fields. Their calloused hands and darken skin convey the hard physical work they do. But their smiles and warm welcomes made our journey worth it.

As we bikes down the mountain side I thought about how brave these girls are. Every night, I drop them off on the main road. And after each evening class, these brave little girls walk home in the dark after coming to see us. Suddenly, my frustrations seemed so trivial. I am humble and reminded again about why I do this work. Engaging in this, sometimes, emotional nuances of culture, ethics takes intentional effort. I am not here to change their world but it is my responsibility to just be in the moment with them.


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