I remember first going into Singha Village and then entering through the center to see the beautiful children, it was just a lovely scene. The children all looked so happy. I felted so loved and welcomed, even though I had just met them, they grabbed my hand and hugged me and told me to play with them, it made me feel so happy to feel like I have been with them for longer than just a few minutes. It was such an amazing feeling to experience their love enough though I didn’t understand what they were saying. I am so grateful to have met such beautiful kids and to see how thankful they were for receiving something as simple as a pen and a notebook. I could see in their faces how much it meant to them and it filled my heart and also opened my eyes to see how a something as simple as a notebook and a pen do so much for one person. I really cannot wait to continue this journey with the children and live in the moment with them.