I”m here again, back to the place where GCP became a concept, an imagined program to engage emerging university/college student leaders in mindful service learning. Every year, the process is similar but the outcome is unique for each group. This year’s group is unique but I’ve also changed in this process. As my time is coming to closure, my spirit is longing for the open road, to travel unscripted and yet my heart is seeking a magical shortcut home. Home to our 3 gifts, to my best friend – home to ordinary daily routine of the 4 changing seasons of Minnesota.

As we head out to Singha Village, I’m excite to see our students but also anxious as I contemplate closure. I’m deep in thought browsing through past photos and realize that I’m just fatigued from jumping city to city, country to county and looking forward to settling down, calming my spirit and to allow myself to arrive that extraordinary, ordinary routine.

Singha Village – just a few more hours. I feel your yellow, dusty road beckoning me welcome back…


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