It has been about a week since we arrived at Singha Village. Coming with past experiences with teaching, I thought it would be pretty easy teaching English to the students. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Teaching was so hard especially with a language barrier. It was hard trying to explain what a word meant in English when I don’t know how to translate it in their language, Khmer. But we manage to find a different way to communicate without needing to know the same language. My partner and I did a lot body motion and drew pictures to tell the students what we are teaching. The students learn really fast and are dedicated students. We will ask them if they understand and then ask the students what it means in Khmer. We teach the students English and they teach us Khmer. My peers and I have learn so many useful Khmer phrases and words. We all can count pass 20 in Khmer! We have GREAT teachers that encourage us to learn and if we get it wrong, we get punish. Seeing the students so eager to learn and to change up the roles as being students to teachers makes me so happy. They are truly great young people that I will miss when the journey ends. I can’t believe that our time is almost up with them but they have taught me so much. With very little of what they have, they have not forget how to share with others. When they have money, they don’t spend it on themselves or their family, they decide to buy us, teachers, gifts and fruits to share. Truly great people. I have met really great people along this journey. I don’t want to say good bye because I feel like this is already home.