Nou Yang

My name is Nou Yang, I was born in Ban Vinai Refugee Camp. Shortly after turning three my family left Thailand and immigrated to the U.S. Unlike many of my peers I majored in the subject that challenged me most, English. As a child I remember gently tracing over alphabets on the dinner table, I had an admiration for letters, words and what they meant. However this all changed in grade school when red ink imprisoned my words. It made me feel like there was no place in the world for my words and I, like we were not important, like we did not matter. After 8 years of receiving extra help on my English my problem remained the same, my tenses did not agree with my verbs. The teachers couldn’t figure out why. They were too busy being concerned they disregarded my strength. I lost hope and confidence in myself. At that point of my life I didn’t know if I could go to college, for college was not an expectation, it was a privilege that not many first generation immigrants could endure. It was in a small community college that I met the writings of Jamaica Kincaid, Sherman.......

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