I’m wandering the pavements of Las Vegas but feeling the Cambodian dirt under my feet. The dust kicks up, stinging my eyes as I instinctively grab my Cambodian scarf to cover my mouth. My eyes water. I blink rapidly as a distant image comes into focus. And I see it again. It’s in their smiles, their laughter. It’s their innocence that world is beautiful place. And the only thing that matters is this moment, the now.

I hear my children playing. Sarinah stomps up and down the stairs, shaking the entire house. For a little girl, she walks heavy like her dad. Savannah and Soni are on their tablets laughing and smiling as they navigate to their favorite shows. And I see it again. Nothing else matters but this moment. They are home- safe and loved.

I”m here. Home. Paved roads. Traffic lights. Sound of lawn mowers. Shopping malls. Suburb lifestyle. 3 Rivers Parks. Traffic noise in the distant intermittently interrupted by sirens.

I’m there. Spiritual home. Sunset over the mountain. Rice fields and sugar palms dotting open landscape. Breeze brushing over my hammock. The put put sounds of motor bikes. Students laughing in the distant. Rooster, welcoming the morning sun.

The world is beautiful…



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